Roadside license-plate scanners will soon issue tickets to drivers driving without auto insurance

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If you’re currently driving without auto insurance you could soon be issued a ticket through an automated service.  Oklahoma has finalized a deal with a Massachusetts company to use license-plate scanners to catch uninsured drivers, and the firm expects to issue 20,000 citations a month starting as early as next year.

The program, believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, involves setting up automated high-speed cameras on highways around the state to detect uninsured vehicles and mailing their owners a citation with a fine of $184.  Drivers who pay the fees will avoid having a charge of driving without auto insurance on their permanent record.

The cameras will be deployed on a small scale initially. Vehicles with scanners will be sent into the Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas to get traffic counts, gauge noncompliance and gather data on the first locations for cameras.

Within six months, Oklahoma County, Tulsa County and 13 other counties in those areas will be mapped and studied, with the cameras in place, the company estimates. The mobile enforcement units will then drive to other parts of the state, looking for high-volume areas of noncompliance that could be potential spots for camera installation. Within the first year of the program, about 26 cameras will be in place throughout the two metro areas. Another 10 cameras will be installed throughout the rest of the state.

License plate information will be destroyed if it is no longer being used as evidence of a violation, and cannot be sold or given out in open-records requests. You can read the text of the bill here.

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